Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ashland Arts Alliance Introduction

Sunday, April 29, was the first "Meet and Greet" of the Ashland Arts Alliance in Ashland, Virginia.
Here's my 26 minute introduction.


  1. Hello! I want to contact one of your members: Sue Rosenburg!! I heard that she is an artist on GOURDS and CYPRESS KNEES, both painting and carving ......... that's what I do!!! Since I live in Western North Carolina and not Virginia I can't come to a meeting there, so please send her my email and ask if she'll contact me; anyone else too if they wish! My email is: chris_p_artist@yahoo.com - and my web site: http://christinepaceart.webs.com
    THANK YOU! I am a member of the SC Gourd Society, American Gourd Society, the GAE site: http://gourdartenthusiasts.ning.com , the PALMETTO GOURD PATCH(monthly meetings) and HOST of the "Mountain Gourd Gathering" each August.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I sent you an email. You can also contact members directly through their meetup accounts. Click on the Ashland Arts Alliance link in the post, browse the members, and send them an email.