Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elevator Pitch

Continuing with my "E" theme for the A to Z challenge, I thought I'd add a post on the "Elevator Pitch".

An elevator pitch it a term used in business circles for a sales pitch that is short enough to be presented on a trip in an elevator; usually about 30 seconds or so. When presenting an idea to someone who is interested but short on time, you might hear them say "give me your elevator pitch".

People ask me what I do, and I've always found it difficult to summarize it in an elevator pitch. Lately I've taken to saying something like "I design and build three dimensional art, primarily as a means to tell stories".

This at least tends to result in some questions from the listener, as opposed to me prattling on about theater, film, theme parks, displays, Broadway, churches, sculpture, fountains, puppets, marionettes, animatronics, character costumes, parade floats, Halloween, haunted houses, model building, computer modeling, architectural mapping, and European folklore.

I have found people tend to interpret my answer in regards to their own world view, and sometimes their actual needs. "So... does that mean you can make a video for me?" or... "Does that mean you can fabricate a display for our museum?"

Just yesterday someone I was having a conversation with asked "Who would have thought of puppets as art?" The top of my head almost blew off. I asked "Who WOULDN'T????"

So... to all the artists out there... give me your elevator pitch. Leave a comment. If you don't have one, it will be good practice in developing one. Because one day, you might just be on an elevator with someone who has the means to fund your dream.

Mine? Creating a stage puppet/marionette show centered on the Russian folktales of Baba Yaga, featuring a 12 foot tall Dancing Hut.

Anone got fifty grand they want to invest?

Baba Yaga by Viktor Vasnetsov

"E" is for Elevator Pitch, and April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

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